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  • Eastman

    Watch Eastman on "EARTH with John Holden".

    Eastman was featured on Fox Business Network Sunday, October 27th on an episode of "EARTH with John Holden".

    In case you missed it, be sure to check out the video below to learn more about how our team is innovating the circular economy to make an impact on the pressing waste plastics problem.

    We worked with John Holden and his crew to discuss what our team is doing to change the complex waste plastic problems in today's world. We all want products that are good for this planet yet enhance our quality of life. However, the earth can only recycle what it knows, and that doesn't include traditional plastics. Many traditional plastics leave behind harmful microplastics that are seeping into our landfills and waterways, that make their way into our food chain. The challenges facing mankind with the latest plastic crisis are so complex that we are going back to the molecular level in order to solve them.

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